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How to fall in love with a girl?


Such girl sees you through and through, and for her to fall in love with you is almost impossible. To do this, you have to be intelligent, adult and insightful. If you have this, my recipes you do not need, you know them yourself. But if all these qualities you still lack, then you can read and learn something new.


First, remember this - a man's appearance is in this case an important role, and not complex, if you are small in stature, or too skinny, or ugly face, or even all at once. In order to please the girl apparently, is enough if you're a brand-dressed, clean-shaven, and stylishly groomed (if you have that dress).


If you are put in order, as stated above, and if God gave you tall stature, broad shoulders and white-toothed smile, more then you cannot read. A couple of compliments - and it is already yours. If no then read on.


Casanova beginner should bear in mind that women - terrible and just dream to wipe her friends or colleagues. So if you play on this weakness you can gain much. For example, buy a bouquet of flowers very expensive, take a good car and go to her institution or office at the end of the day. When in front of all her friends you hand her a bouquet and drive her in your expensive car she will be stunned, her happiness would never end. By the way, we came to a very important topic - how to choose the right girl.


Girls can be roughly classified into four types:

1. Cold Bitch
2. Sensible clever
3. Romantic little fool
4. Bad fools.


From the first and last better to stay away, the second is better to marry, but choose as the object for "sex" should be the girl from the third category. Moreover, it can be attributed to the greater part of the fair sex. For the 'romantic fools' there are some old but very dependable means - gifts, compliments and other signs of attention.


Let's start with gifts. What to give? As men and women - they are two opposites, to give a woman a present is to choose something that you would never buy yourself. I mean flowers. Admiring how slowly dying plants, only natural for women. For men more stupid and pointless gift simply does not exist, however it is such a gift that would make girl happy. Also you can give perfumes, but you could not guess what smell she likes. Also good perfumes not everyone can afford. Therefore, flowers - faultless version.


Now for the compliments. If a girl is beautiful, bluntly telling her compliments virtually useless, she had heard them already. She wanted to talk about "her deep inner peace" or speak of delicate compliment. Slaver here does not pass. The exceptions are the pretty girls; do not blend in the notorious 90-60-90 or not with 2-meter height. TV created in many cute girls a complex of a small chest or insufficiently long legs. These girl's have the right and need for compliments.


If you can't call her a beauty, then talking about inner peace is useless better research her "tactical-technical data" and talk about the little beautiful that it still is. For example, talk about how beautiful her hands, or what she has a fantastic eye color.

Next come signs of attention. In our mad age, chivalry is becoming an anachronism, so it is particularly appreciated "a romantic fool." If you are even without any ulterior motives simply open the door for them, shake hands when leaving the transport, helping to put on a coat, carry a heavy bag, they are already beginning to seem that it is not an accident. And if it is done willingly and with care, then in front of this they simply cannot stand.


And the last type of weapon, which in the "romantic fools" can safely be called "weapons of mass destruction" - a song with a guitar. At least learn few chords and learn a couple of "diuretic" songs about unrequited love, separation and loneliness. If you are unable to be with her in the appropriate setting and she liked the way you played or sing, think you can safely put another tick in your "track record".


Now the main thing. What if she liked it, maybe liked it very much, but your plan for ending it in a bed is still far away? In this situation there is no unique recipe, especially because the reasons why she does not want sex can be everything, and such thing, that to a normal person's head would not even come. In such cases, there is last resort. After another failure, with a very confused, but at the same time, with a grave and melancholy attitude explain that unfortunately, despite the fact that you love her very much and you are very pleased with her talk, you will have to stop dating because kissing and fondling without the natural discharge delivered to you after such meetings, severe physical pain in certain places, due to over excitation. Besides the fact that physically it hurts, it is also very harmful. What matters is that she understood that this is not an excuse, and that it does not mean that you want from her only sex. Usually it works. Well, if that did not work, it means you run into a girl that is out of the category and therefore you should continue being attentive and observant.





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