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In order to meet someone, thrill, and eventually seduce, you need at least to start a conversation. And how difficult can be for some men. But there are tips that will help overcome the barrier. For Men Only!


As for the topic of conversation with the women. No matter about what you're talking to her. It is important - how you do it. In a conversation with a woman always talk about feelings, emotions. Make conversation more emotional. Amaze her, be unpredictable. Tell her something what she does not expect. Do something she did not expect! This way you will be able to interest and surprise the girl.


Next - provoke them to communicate. So that she could spoke emotionally! Shouting, laughing, surprised, amazed, even cried - this is a good sign. It is a poor communication with a woman, where you overload her with facts. Never talk to them about the facts! Do not argue with her about the facts about the characters, about books! Talk about her, and nothing more. That will be enough.


Make her open up to you


In order to avoid many problems with the seduction, it is important to achieve mutual understanding and revelation. Then you will never have questions like "why she did this?".


There are times when you really have to talk to woman. Moreover, heart to heart ... I suspect, for many men it is hard to do.


Try to keep your conversation not to sound like an interrogation. The girl should be relaxed!


Questions to help "break the ice"


1. What people misunderstand in you?


2. Why are you unique?


3. Were there things that shook you to the depths of the soul?


4. What is the most meaningful compliment to dear man?


5. What helps you feel like a woman?


6. What is your source of greatest pleasure?


7. When did you felt the greatest freedom?


8. What is your desire that is not yet implemented?


9. Do you love pets?


10. What do you consider your greatest achievement in life?


11. What is the most precious thing in your life?


12. What was the most enjoyable event for you this last year?




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