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Error № 1. Fear of trying something new


Most of the couples sex life eventually becomes boring, and feelings are blunted. So there is a danger to bring the relationship to rupture. At the same time, many women (and some men too) are afraid to try something new in sex, or feel free to offer your partner some unconventional love game or position. They fear that their partner will be scared about this and as a result both the man and woman may be silent, not daring to offer each other to update their sex life.


Do not make this mistake, because monotony in sex - straight road to the deterioration of relations. If anyone hesitates to offer his partner something new, consider: what is cause for concern? Fear of appearing "too lecherous"? This is unlikely - men tend to love the diversity and welcomes bold ideas


Error № 2. Artificial variety


Some couples believe that sexual diversity they can provide with erotic toys or view porn. However, this is misleading - to rely on external, artificial means. The most valuable thing in intimate relationships are the emotions and feelings that have partners to each other. Therefore, erotic videos and toys can only be complementary to erotic pastime, but not a daily practice. Emphasis is given to sexual intercourse with a partner - experiment with different positions and techniques, study sexual traditions of other nations, intimate role play. This will give you fresh sexual relations, and will bring you together.



Error number 3. Over-reliance sexual benefits


It is natural to search for new sexual positions and techniques to seek assistance from the books. But do not thoroughly follow all the advice given there. It is necessary to select only what is right for your pair and it seems both attractive - otherwise it is difficult to avoid omissions and quarrels, and this is unlikely will not help strengthen relationships and improve sex life.



Error № 4. Betrayal as a way to refresh the relationship


There is a perception that cheating is helping to update the sex life. Proponents of this view argue that once a woman tries to have sex with another man, she would know how dear her husband/partner is to her. Perhaps for 5% this will happen. However, for most women, a "maneuver like this" will likely be a death sentence for the relationship - maybe not immediately, but after some time. Therefore it is better not to risk it - "refresh" your sex life better with other things.




1. Do not react and the body lay. Most of people do not like having sex with the corpse. Therefore, move, make noise, do something, but not lie still. If you want to achieve maximum response from your partner you should try to go beyond the missionary position. You can talk about their desires and give detailed instructions. Then the sex starts to please much more.



2. To think that a man, if he is the initiator of sex, should worry about his safety. Not the fact that disturbed. Rather, this concern will be a pleasant exception, so the girl who finished in a relationship with a man should take care of contraception itself: in fact the responsibility, then eventually - it is (in the form of pregnancy followed by abortion or childbirth). Error can be costly to do it.



3. The habit of doing manicure as "claws" - and then try to let them out during fondling penis and testicles. Man, seeing these "claws", but rather exerts himself.


4. To think that during sex a man pays full attention to the state of her thighs, skin, nail and so on. With very few exceptions - they do not pay. The man first perceives the image, (although this does not mean that the details are not important: if the details will not develop into an attractive puzzle, man will not want to be with this woman in bed). Secondly, a man (especially the first time) is much more concerned about the size, elasticity and long service life of their reproductive organ than the size of women's hips: if the hip "not reached" on the configuration - they simply would not have been together in intimate situations.



5. Immorality. Even in our age of the dominance of cosmetics women are at times very reminiscent of medieval ladies, hide the smell of unwashed bodies with perfume. If a woman does not observe the rules of hygiene - it is a huge mistake. It's not the smell and not even in the "bouquet" of bacteria, which she cultivates in herself and who is ready to "endow" their partner.



6. The inability to your own body. Man in a woman does not appreciate only beauty but rather confidence. So you should start walking around the house naked and having sex with light.



7. Swear an oath of eternal love and fidelity. It just so happened that sex does not guarantee absolutely nothing - not mutual love, nor a future marriage or a happy life together until death do. So often talk about the eternal love in the bed can only spoil everything.




8. Ignore his nipples. This is not only a woman's erogenous zone. Many men have sensitive nipples, and even more sensitive than their partners.



9. Bite. During oral don't use teeth.



10. Misunderstanding about the need to conform to sexual stereotypes - that is as "correct" a woman should behave in bed. There are two extremes and they are dangerous. The first - the idea that all men like "passionate, wild cats". Not all! Some lack the "extreme" in their daily lives, and in bed they want to simply rest, tenderness and gentleness. While the girl tries to be a passionate tigress, a man understands that more than a week days he did not survive the marathon - and wisely "goes the distance, while his disgrace is not disqualified. If she really is so temperamental - it's for the best for both, but if she pretended to be - it risks losing the man who could truly make her happy.



Errors in the relationship


1. To think that sex obliges to something. Both male and female. Not that "sex - not a reason for dating, here we are talking about something else: sex - definitely not an occasion for blackmail or to" build castles in the air.


2. "Random connection - not a crime for the modern woman." If you do not consider this aspect from a religious point of view, then yes. However, unsystematic with different partners do not involve emotional involvement in the process, so choosing a style of relationship, a woman not only detracts from their spirituality, but her sexuality: as you know, sex - not in the body and head, and 80% feel women during sex depends on their relationship to the partner.



3. The attempt to manipulate the sex: Humiliated in the first place must be woman herself. In this situation, she evaluates herself as commodity, a price and she agreed to sell herself for a certain material or moral equivalent.



4. Fear "spicy" conversations and jokes. Sexy talk can enhance passion, so we must not be shy. Become a porter is not worth it, but a little to revive a sexual conversation still possible.



5. Criticize his love for erotica. While the film is not completely ousted women from the circle of interests of men, do not scold him for his excessive love to view pictures of frank content. Many men enjoy different forms of erotic products, using it to enhance sexual excitement and interest in his current partner.



6. Forget about femininity. Weight gain, daily routine, work at home in an unfavorable form makes the majority of women and non-sexual in the eyes of their men. Do not engage in personal hygiene of your man. Do not talk to him about shaving. Although most men like women own way, at the same time they want to see their partners Celestial.



7. To think that a woman should be the object of conquest, that a man should try for it properly, but it - graciously gives it its charm for pleasure. The problem is in the opposite belief that "women should be the object of conquest, that is, that this man should try to be like her, but she - graciously gives it its charm for pleasure.



8. The belief that "if I do not have an orgasm, then - I'm frigid." A truly frigid women is small enough, so the lack of pleasure during sex - the result of incompetence or partner, or inexperience and poor knowledge of the body of the woman, or simply banal lack of emotional fullness of communication: women's "feelings" play a fundamental role. Sex - in the head, but not in the genitals. Only in very rare cases, cause the physiological characteristics of women. Sexual relationships - so thin an area where no one owes nothing to. Well, if the woman experienced an orgasm, but if she had not experienced - do not be scared, especially if the whole it was fun going on. This misconception is particularly vividly demonstrates the strength of the impact on our opinion: here's another, couple of centuries ago, women's virtue was, on the contrary, coldness. Only in the last century, standards have changed radically: now women are inspired by sex. However, even very passionate women sometimes do not experience orgasm.



The implication of this - Error 8: "If you do not experience orgasm, easier to lie to your partner and pretend that everything" just right. This view is a risk and that the orgasm can never be get this way: because if it did not work the first time - a chance to get by is to explaining the partner how it should, or at least - how not to.

On the other hand, if the relationship is periodically, sometimes easier not to explain what and how, but simply to pretend that all is well. But who knows how turns the fate, and whether this person is really random in your life? So if there is the slightest doubt on this - be honest.



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