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Here's another feature of the notorious female logic. In words, they all dream of a humble, kind and polite guy. In fact, they go with the worst scoundrels. You stretched before her, threw roses to her legs, made embarrassing things. You have not done anything bad to her, and she ... She probably feels a little guilty, so she said in parting: "You know, you're too good." What could it mean? Translate: it means only that she cannot breathe the same air with you and will not allow more than touch her finger.


We all intuitively understand that to be too good to be bad. Modesty is ridiculous, and the norm is boring. If you have always been correct and obedient, you have probably already experienced the desire to somehow extinguish the halo over her head. Become bad as difficult as to become steeper. The first thing that comes to mind here - it is pretending to get bad inclinations. Useless by themselves, smoking, drinking, a habit of spitting on the floor and use bad words is not able to capture the female heart.


You can call it whatever you like - good things, correctness, tediousness, - but there are some nice set of distinct qualities, the combination of which makes a man intolerable, disgusting good from the standpoint of women. They may well be formulated.



If the answer to her friend: "Where shall we go?", You regularly responds: "Where you like, my love," then soon you'll go yourself and far away. Even if a woman is active and loves herself to make decisions, the initiative must come from men. "What would you like to do today, dear?" Ha! Better to ask, do not put on weight if it works. To please her, to do whatever she wants - a favorite occupation of all the good guys. Meanwhile, with every decision taken by the hostility to your inactivity increases. And do not go on about a woman's paradox - they all recognize that it is very very nice to make a choice, not denying.



This same lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes. Useful, right? They cannot stand it in men. If you do not want to disappoint her, it is better to make just idiotic act than oscillate between two worthy solutions. Once my friend and I were sitting in a restaurant. Came up to us a very attractive waitress, and my good (very good) friend was flirting with her. His enthusiasm met reciprocity; everything went fine, until the case came to order. The problem of selecting squinted my friend. For fifteen minutes he moved his lips over the menu until the limited range of applicants in two dishes - sturgeon and shrimp. Then hung up. The waitress stood over us, on her pretty face glowed rage. My friend all varied and giggled.
- I'll order later - finally managed to say it and ran away.
- I liked it, eh? - Said my friend, half-witted smile.
- Yes, she decided that you are very good - I replied.

The more we have not seen her.



Good guys always play well with all, all of them love. This is not from innate charm, but simply from fear of starting a conflict. What is already there, to sacrifice a little pride, once again apologize, be little humiliated - but not earn enemies. Women do not suffer.


An acquaintance of mine, known for her kindness and love for peace, told me that was a pacifist because of her husband. He was terribly afraid of conflict, avoided all ugly situations, apologetic smile, constantly apologizing. She could not look at it. In the end she had to learn how to smooth out the rough edges of the first, only to once again do not see him an ingratiating and humiliated.


Most interestingly, forgiving everyone and everything, you eventually try to get the reverse effect - you start to wipe his feet. After that, the slightest attempt to regain dignity is an attack of hatred by others!



Good guy knows for sure how to be a man. He despises extravagant clothes, long hair and tattoos. Never cry, and are not afraid. He loves football and beer. Like all, right? The problem in the word "never". You cannot attach signs to their masculinity is of great importance. Just as not to treat yourself too seriously. If you're in a nightmare you cannot present yourself at work in creased pants, do not dare to utter "I do not like beer, and at gunpoint not recognize DiCaprio a good actor - you're a real man.



Good guys - great listeners. This is a wonderful quality may render you a disservice to the stage of seduction. I for very long prided myself on my ability to roll out unfamiliar woman in a candid conversation, until I found that to a romantic approach that do not lead. Having listened carefully to all her recognition, you become a woman friend, although schedule for a very different role. And she, opening your deepest secrets, feels that it ceases to be mysterious, and loses sexual interest in you.


So now I'm listening to women exactly up until they begin to share the secret. Then I carefully translating the conversation. You seem to have read somewhere that women should listen to? So, women's magazines write the same thing - listen to the man, if you want to please him. The conclusion is simple: if she wants to just talk and talk, then, she is not interested in you.



It is good to live in well-established plan. Always stay in a flat mood, come to the meeting in advance on Fridays to play billiard, is not greasy. We ourselves have a lot of time writing about how great it is. But there are limits. If your communication with the world is stable, as the schedule, to live with you will be like just walking the slide rule. One hundred percent predictable man begins to infuriate, like a song even with a very good song. We must allow ourselves some adventure, to be able sometimes to send all to hell, to break the rules and make a mistake. Healthy "I don't care" must be present in man, as a seasoning in meat dishes.



What woman does not want, is to choose a man that earns a lot and stands firm on his feet? However, very often, we see how their wife's howl of longing and escape to freedom, only to not hear again about the business plans and taxes. The man, totally absorbed in work, not able to enjoy their success. Distant descendants, rejoicing in the Crown estate, and may be remembered ancestor with a kind word. But first it is necessary that someone has agreed to start with you these descendants. You're always at work.


The problem, as already noted, in a combination of these really good for the individual qualities. You just sometimes need to relax and laugh at the rules and principles.




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